Bioethanol fires are fires that are fuelled by burning bioethanol. Bio-ethanol is a fuel that is chemically identical to the ethanol alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, where the "bio" part refers to the way the fuel is produced, rather than meaning that it has different chemical properties to normal ethanol.


Bioethanol is a great source of fuel for home heating because it is smokeless and odourless, and can be installed without the need for vents or a chimney, meaning that you can place an ethanol fire anywhere in your home. It is completely safe for indoor use, even in rooms where you might not consider using other forms of fire-based heating.

Although a bioethanol fire is perfectly safe for the air in your home - it only produces CO2 and water when burning, and at CO2 levels similar to burning a few candles - it is important to remember that they produce a lot of heat and are real fires. They are designed with safety in mind and are lit with a long lighter of a type similar to what you would use with a gas oven, but you must ensure that you have no wires or cables near the fire unit and that children and pets cannot touch the flames.