Bioethanol for bioethanol fireplaces is bought by the litre, and many burners have a capacity of one litre, so it makes sense to consider how long a litre of the bioethanol fuel will last when weighing up the cost of using a bioethanol fire in your home, or even just when stocking up on fuel for your new fireplace installation.


As you might expect, the amount of time it takes for a litre of bioethanol fuel to burn depends on the amount of fuel your stove burns when it is running, and this is controlled by the setting you use on your burner. Manufacturers estimate that the average bioethanol fireplace will take around 3.5 to 4 hours to consume a litre of bioethanol at maximum setting, but this can increase to as much as 8 hours if the setting is turned down.

Because the maximum setting of a bioethanol fire will usually be hotter than most people want their fire to burn for several hours at a time, and may only be used initially to quickly heat a cold room before moving down to another setting, for most users, how long a litre of fuel will last will lie somewhere between these two figures.