Bioethanol fireplaces are a very versatile way to get the attractive look of real flames, as well as a great heating solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Bioethanol fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere as they do not require chimneys and do not leave behind any soot or ash. This means that they are a wonderful decorative feature that you can incorporate into any room design that you like.


If you want to build a DIY ethanol fire, for example as a traditional fireplace, or as a modern heating element such as a shelf or coffee table fireplace, you will need to purchase a bioethanol burner of the length and size that suits your design. With this, you only need to follow the guidelines for your particular burner when building the base you want to place your bioethanol fire in. It can actually be a very easy home DIY project to build some of the simpler styles of fireplaces, and you can also consider converting an old fireplace into a bioethanol fire in a similar way. There are many great project ideas for DIY bio-ethanol fireplaces that you can find online to help inspire you, but speak to a professional installer if you need extra help.