Bioethanol fuel is used to power all sorts of things, including fireplaces, camping stoves and lanterns. If you are looking for bioethanol fuel to power any of these appliances inside or out, you may be wondering if all bioethanol fuels sold are the same. Bioethanol sold for domestic use is a denatured alcohol, which means that a bittering agent has been added to make it unsuitable for drinking. This is done both for safety and to be able to sell it without the tax and licensing problems associated with selling alcoholic beverages. This means that the bioethanol you buy is never 100% pure, but how pure does it need to be?


At Bioethanolshop you buy the best quality Kieselgreen bioethanol for use in open fires and outdoor stoves has a purity level of 96.6%. This purity level gives you the right size of flame and the amount of heat these appliances can tolerate (100% bioethanol could be too volatile). Lower purity fuels, up to about 80%, will still work in a bioethanol burner, but may cause an unpleasant odour when used. If you accidentally buy low-quality bioethanol, you can mask this smell with scented oils or waxes in your burner.