If you are looking for bioethanol fuel for your bioethanol fireplace, or for other items such as a camping stove or a fondue set that are designed to use bioethanol alcohol as fuel, then you should visit Bioethanolshop for the best quality bioethanol. Because bioethanol is a denatured alcohol, and therefore not fit for human consumption, it does not have to be sold only by places with an alcoholic beverage license, so you can buy it in places like DIY shops, and outdoor supplies shops. However, because it is becoming so popular, it can even be found in many supermarkets, plus you can buy it from online general retailers like Amazon. 

When you are looking for bioethanol, however, you should be aware that not all fuels are the same. Cheaper bioethanol is often less pure and can give off a bad smell when used. Look for bioethanol with a purity of 96.6% to avoid these problems. If you want more options, such as scented bioethanol or bulk purchases, it is often best to order from a bioethanol fireplace specialist. You can also make repeat purchases, so you can keep your stock up during the winter!